Gen. 07 – Keep The Commands


Genesis 7


Genesis chapter 7 teaches us the importance of doing all that The Lord Commands. Noah’s family survived the flood. The inhabitants of the world were incredibly corrupt. They violated The Seven Laws Given to Adam and Eve. Our Rabbis teach that stealing was the primary law that brought about the destruction of the world then. Kidnapping is stealing! The fallen angels and their descendent’s stole. They stole married women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers. It did not matter to them. They had their way with men, women, and animals. They practiced homosexuality, bestiality, and human trafficking. They were totally deprived of anything that was good. Rape and sodomy were common practices. Our world became so full of evil. The Holy Scriptures Inform us that every thought of humankind was constantly filled with evil.

Yet, there was one family that remained as pure as they could while living in a cesspool of sin. That family was Noah, his wife Naomi, their three sons and daughters-in-law. Even though they tried to do their best to do all that The Lord Commanded they were also contaminated by the filth of the world and its inhabitants. They were descendent’s of Adam and Eve’s third son Seth. He was the reincarnation of Abel. Sefer Ha Yasher [Jasher] depicts the evil in the world at that time.

Dear Ones I believe in tolerance and forbearance up to a point. The inhabitants of the world then were too willing to tolerate sinful behaviors. They drifted more and more away from The Seven Laws until the entire world became corrupt. Morality, ethics and right living were cast aside. The new social form then brought about an entire breakdown of society. It was necessary for The Lord God to intervene. By the 480th year of Noah’s life, only Mesushelach remained of the old traditional generation. Sefer HaYashar(Hoboken, NJ: KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 1993) p16. Thank God our world has not reached this point! But we are seeing values of the previous generations diluted beyond recognition. Red flags are flying everywhere!!

Dear Ones in Genesis Chapter Seven we Observe the Word צוה ‘Commanded’ three times. Please notice Verses 5, 9 and 16. Ha Torah Records that Noach, his wife, his sons, his sons wives, the clean and unclean animals, the birds and creeping things all Obeyed the Command of The Lord God. Why is it necessary for Ha Torah to Inform us of the Word צוה ‘Commanded‘ / Command three times?

When we repeat an action or word three times it becomes a vow that must be nullified if we want to break it. Ha Torah is Informing us that God Vowed that those who have the breath of life that is not on the Tava are going to perish. Notice that ALL HOPE ends in verse 16 when Ha Torah records God Commanded. It is then that HaShem Shuts those chosen to survive into the Holy Tava. It is then that they are sealed inside the Holy Tava. Those that are outside could not come in.

The three Commands also note the commitment of Noach, his wife, his sons, his sons wives, the clean and unclean animals, the birds and creeping things to obey what HaShem God Commanded. Their free choice to obey and to prepare and to enter and to be separate /’ Holy from those outside of the Holy Tava are noted in the three Commands.

Where in Ha Torah does it say that the Tava is Holy? The very action of the Tava is Holy. The Tava separated those inside from those outside. Those inside the Tava obey our Creator’s Commands. They obeyed ALL the Commands of HaShem God. Wow!

Their obedience saved them. Their clinging to God’s Commands saved them.

May we each be careful to observe all the Commands of our Creator. May we be careful to guard Torah Observances. May we stand up for morality, ethics, lovingkindness, goodness and righteous living in our world.

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel


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