Action Blessings

Dear Family and Friends, These are Action Blessings we can enjoy in this world and the world to come. They are a good investment now and in the future.

These are the precepts of which an individual enjoys their fruits in this world, But whose principal remains intact for him in the World to Come.

These are they:

• Honoring one’s father and mother

• The Bestowal of kindness

• Early attendance in The House of study morning and evening

• Hospitality to guests

• Visiting the sick

• Providing for a bride

• Escorting the dead

• Absorption of prayer

• Bringing Peace between man and his fellow

And between a man and his wife

The study of Torahis equivalent to all of them.

Mishnah Pe’ah 1.1

Tractate Shabbat 127a


Our goal is to be instruments of blessings to the nations. We are to bless and then let The Lord take it from there. May each of us have Joy, Health, Happiness, Blessing, and Lovingkindness as a result of studying The Holy Scripture.



Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

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