Gen. 24 – Natural Beauty

Dear family and friends, our discussion begins with Genesis chapter 24.1. Perhaps this Scripture speaks to the ageless male/female in us. Back in the day when Abraham lived there was no need for products like Grecian Formula or Botox. One’s physique and beauty came naturally. Genesis 1.28 says, ‘God Blessed them.’ Men and women enjoyed youthful bodies and beautiful complexions. So when The Torah Says,‘And Abraham was Elderly, and advanced in years.’ there has to be an underlying message!

Bereisheit 24.1

 וְאַבְרָהָם זָקֵן בָּא בַּיָּמִיםוַיהוָֹה בֵּרַךְ אֶת־אַבְרָהָם בַּכֹּל:ס

We already know Abraham and Sarah were old and well advanced in age, Genesis 18.11. So what is The Torah Informing us now? What changed? Was The Torah suggesting Abraham and Sarah were doddering or senile? Were they experiencing old age as we know it today? Did Abraham use a walker or a cane? Was Sarah in a wheelchair? Up until Genesis 24.1 both looked youthful. Holy Scripture Informs us that Sarah was beautiful. Sarah’s beauty caught the attention of Avimelech. He attempted to make Sarah his wife. In our previous study, we read that Abraham at the age of 137 arose early in the morning, saddled his ass, chopped wood and loaded it upon his ass, Genesis 22.3. Our sages teach that Abraham and Sarah were youthful-looking. Their bodies did not show wear and tear of old age. They did not have the aches and pains of our generation. It was the same for all humanity up until that time, i.e., 2085 From Creation. Isaac was often mistaken for Abraham.

In Genesis 6.2 we learned that the daughters of men were beautiful to look upon. Neither men or women physically aged. Can any of us imagine what it was like to live 700, 800, or 900 plus years?

The angels, Uzza and Azael were stunned by their beauty. As a result, they took the daughters of men and had their way with them. Relationships resulted in mixing seed. Nephilim [ ‘the fallen’ giants ] were born. Humankind was dramatically changed when The Lord God Permitted aging. That change remains with us today.

What is the message here? In 2085 From Creation all humankind instantly began experiencing the effects of old age. The impact was immediate!

Our present world has been changed by a number of gadgets. We enjoy a lot of gadgets that did not exist back then. Can any of us imagine what our world would be like without ipads, kindles, cell phones, streaming, GPS, video conferencing, video games, instant messaging, selfies, computers. internet and so much more. We have every style of clothing, handbag, and shoes that one can imagine. We use Alexis and Suri to turn lights on and off. We have kitchen appliances and doodads that are out of this world. We have intercity and rural transportation and so forth. Our world is so different from the days of Abraham and Sarah.

On the other hand, we have poverty, hunger, slave trafficking, dangerous diseases, and the covid-19 virus. We don’t know the impact the covid-19 virus will have on us and those we love.

Our world needs a miracle!!

We are concerned, rightfully so. We are struck by the severity and devastation of this virus. Our atmosphere has changed. Our bodies receive more solar penetration. We have floods, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes and dramatic changes in the weather. All of this dates back to when our beautiful world changed because of vile sins. So here we are today discussing how the aging process changed after the flood. Here we are learning that one-day thousands of years ago Abraham spoke with The Creator of the universe. Abraham suggested that humankind age. Abraham felt that seniors should be visibly recognized so that sons would not be mistaken for their fathers and mothers for their daughters. Think of the potential confusion when sons looked like fathers and daughters looked like mothers. How could you tell them apart? So in one day the entire world took on age and all of the potential issues that come with aging. Can we imagine what it was like to experience such a dramatic change in 24 hours? Some who were youthful became aged seniors. Some who had no physical ailments were struck with pain, anguish, and suffering. So let’s be very thankful for all that The Lord has Given us and realize how quickly it can all go away.

May each of us enjoy, good health, happiness, healing, restoration, and Blessing, as we study about confidence and trust in The Lord and The Holy Scripture.

 Good Sabbath!



Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk


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