The Fragments of our Lives

The Fragments of our Lives


Giving up something yourself in order to help another is the ultimate love for one’s fellow man.

One immense bond of love, of receiving and giving, unites all beings.  None exists by itself and for itself; there is a constant striving of each creature with, through and for the others, on behalf of the whole, and of the whole on behalf of every creature.  Everything receives strength and resources not for itself as such but merely in order to give, to give and thereby to attain fulfillment of the purpose of its existence.  The Nineteen Letters About Judaism The  World of Rabbi S.R. Hirsch  Feldheim Publishers  Letter Three pages 33-34

What story will you tell with the scattered fragments of your life?

Everyone has ups and downs, good days and bad days, so what are we to make of all these?  Kabbalah divides everything into two sides, the side for good or holiness and the other side of impurity.  There are events and things that draw us closer to holiness, to HaShem and there are events and things that separate us from Him. The ups and downs in our lives are opportunities to release the sparks of holiness found in the kelipah (peels or shells).

Etz Chaim 8:6

Nefesh At Risk

The reason for what has been said requires explanation. Since Asiyah is the lowest of all the worlds, it is amongst the Klipos.44

 44 Literally, Peels, because they form a spiritual barrier between a person and G-d. They were created as the source of spiritual impurity in Creation in order to make evil possible, so that man can have free will and be rewarded for his moral victories, and held accountable for his immoral acts. The lower down a world is the further away it is from the Source of Light, and therefore, the more susceptible it is to the spiritual darkness of the Klipos. Hence, the World of Asiyah and the corresponding level of the soul, Nefesh, is the most vulnerable to spiritual impurity of all the worlds. Vital, Chaim. Gate Of Reincarnations, Part 1 Five Levels Of Soul

Our sages teach us that one of the main reasons why we were placed in the physical world was to overcome evil.  It is in this way that we actually emulate G-d.  The Zohar expresses this by stating that we too are to turn darkness into light.  Ultimately, there is one Source of everything that exists, even evil.  It is not that G-d actually Created evil, but it is through His Will that the possibility of evil exists.  Everything comes from G-d and must return to Him.  In the meantime, however, evil exists in order to be conquered.  Inner Space Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan Moznaim Publishing Corporation Page 159

O low, sleeping ones, close-eyed, awake!  Who among you turns darkness into light, bitter into sweet before arriving here?  Zohar Pritzker Edition Stanford University Press 1:4a page 22

Celebrate each and every moment of your life, remember

All that The Holy One Does, He Does for good

And the ransomed of the Lord shall

return, and come with singing unto Zion, and everlasting joy shall

be upon their heads Yeshayahu (Isaiah 35:10).

It is to say challenging these days to find peace and joy in our lives that are shuttered away, hidden somewhat from the rest of the world.  However, we can use these shuttered months, weeks, days and moments to delve deeply into our inner world and reconnect with G-d.  Transform each moment of the day into something meaningful.  Be grateful, give thanks for what you have.  Return again, return again, return to what you are, return to who you are, return to where you are born and reborn again.


Blessings and Peace

Rebbetzin Revi