Gen. 11 – Splitting The Language


Genesis 11


Splitting The Language


Dear family and friends our discussion centers on a world wide event that impacted every one for the past 3,794 years. Few consider the implications that followed Genesis 11.1 – 9. The impact is gargantuan. Why? Holy Scripture Informs us that the people of the world communicated in only one language. There was only one language used in our universe for 1,996 years. During these years everyone belonged to the same nation. Our world today is much different from the world back then. Splitting the language changed everyone’s life from the time of Babel, 1996 FC From Creation, until now!! Heninrich W. Guggenheimer, Seder Olam{A Jason Aronson Book, Lanham, Maryland, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 2005) p 5.


Genesis 11.1

And behold, All the earth was one language/speech and their words were one word/utterance.


When The Lord God Split the Hebrew language into an additional 69 different dialects it greatly impacted how The Holy Scriptures are understood and interpreted. Parts of our world have never considered the implications of splitting the language. Splitting the language altered every action in the world from then until our present age. We cannot measure the impact splitting the language has had in this world. What am I referring to? The Lord God divided the unity of humans by interrupting their language. Most of us already know that. In Genesis 11 when The Lord God Divided humankind into seventy different languages construction on the tower ceased immediately because construction workers could no longer communicate. They could not understand each other. Our examination of Holy Scripture begins here. Much of the misunderstanding of The Holy Scriptures is rooted in The splitting of the language.

Genesis 11.9

The name of that place is therefore called Babel; because The Lord Confused the language of all the earth; and from there The Lord Scattered those people abroad upon the face of all the earth.


Splitting The Language resulted in the formation of 70 nations that dispersed throughout the world. In one night 70 nations were formed.

Originally their words were one! In that day each word had only one specific meaning. There were no multiple possibilities like there are in our age. Communication was designed to be exact back then. There were no possible misunderstandings. Then overnight words had multiple meanings that were different from each other. Immediately each word was defined differently by each of the 70 languages. Then of course, there were variances within each language. The meaning of each word was confounded!

We need to let our imagination loose just a little to try and grasp the significance of the splitting of The Language.

Originally all literature in the world was written in the original language. Hebrew was the only language before 1996 F C. Overnight all Scripture and literature in the world became unaccessible to the people of 69 nations. They could not longer could read the teachings of Adam. They could not read The Seven Laws. They were cut off from all study material. Now, It was necessary for them to rely upon their memory regarding the teachings of Adam and The Seven Law. The 69 nations were cut off from past righteous teachings.

It was up to the descendent’s of Shem to preserve all the teachings from the beginning.

Do we understand how incredibly significant that was? The people who were building the tower were rebels. They were humanists. They had their own ideas about religion. They practiced Idolatry. They believed they could build a tower that would elevate them above God. Their intention was to travel back and forth between earth and Heaven. They desired to supersede The Lord God. They did not follow the priesthood of Noah or Shem.

Prior to Babel The Seven Laws were accessible to all humankind. The Seven Laws were easily understood. However, After Babel The Seven Laws Given by The Lord God now required translating from Hebrew into 69 other languages. The exact meaning of The Seven Laws became somewhat blurred.

When The Lord God Confounded The Holy Language instantly the communication of the 69 nations was confounded. Then following the confounding of language there was a period of time required for regrouping and a establishing written communication for each nation.

The confounding of language impacts each of us right here and right now! We struggle with communication on many levels. Husbands and wives have issues communicating. Employers and employees struggle with communication. Words in our age have different meanings than they used to. We wonder which meaning is intended! 

The major factor is being aware of why there are misunderstandings of Hebrew Scripture. Many important points are anchored in the holy language. People of the 69 languages are vulnerable to incorrect translations and misunderstandings of The Hebrew Scriptures. Let’s consider a few examples. Please remember that The Torah was written before the creation of the world.

Our sages teach that The Lord God Created everything in our universe with only ten utterances, Genesis 1, Avot 5.1. Yet, It is likely that most will not understand how that could be because the 69 languages are confounded and confused.

Each species was created with a male and a female mate. In Genesis 1.26 – 27 God [singular] Created [singular] Adam in His Spiritual Image. The Angels and other Heavenly Hosts also were created with Spiritual images. The physical part of Adam was Created by God from the dust of the ground in the area of the future Altar of The Holy Temple. Yet, It is likely that most will not recognize the correct Interpretation because the 69 languages are confounded and confused.

Genesis 1 – God Said It was very good, Genesis 1.31. We may not be able to comprehend how or why the sin of Adam and Eve is very good. Why? It is because we have not received The Teachings and the Traditions of our Holy’s Sages.

False teachings are spread among the people of the 69 nations. These pseudo beliefs include the virgin birth, The Lord God impregnating Mary, the wife of Joseph, The Lord God being human, The Lord God having a son, and so forth. These false claims originate from the descendants of the rebels in Babel. They want to be closer to The Lord God of Israel. They will accomplish that according to the prophecy of Zachariah.

Genesis 2.15 -17 – The Lord God Gave Seven Laws to humankind. Yet, It is likely that most will not recognize The Seven Laws because the 69 languages are confounded and confused. There are many places in The Holy Scripture where the Creator’s Intention is not obvious to the people of the 69 nations. Again, the understanding of the above subjects were originally known by all people up until the splitting of The Language. The Prophet Zachariah spoke directly about that time and age.

Zecharyah 8.20 -23

Thus says the Lord of hosts: It shall yet come to pass, that there shall come people, and the inhabitants of many cities; And the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, Let us go speedily to entreat the favor of The Lord, and to seek The Lord Of Hosts. I will go also.  and many peoples and strong nations shall come to seek The Lord of Hosts in Jerusalem, and to pray before The Lord. Thus says The Lord of Hosts: In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men from the nations of every language, shall take hold of the robe of a Jew, saying, We will go with you; for we have heard that God is with you.

We are approaching / entering that time of awareness when we will see the fulfillment of prophecies like that of Zachariah.

Dear Ones, keep this study close for a reference because you may live to see it fulfilled.

It is especially wonderful to see The Lord God Reveal the future from the past. May Our studies and prayers alerts us to the fulfillment of Scripture in our age. May Our studies and prayers comfort us as these worldwide events impact people, places,and nations..

May we stay within Torah’s Guidelines of righteous living and repentance. May we help others, May we bring peace and healing to our world. May this coming Sabbath and every Sabbath be a blessed Day.

Good Sabbath!

Akiva George Belk


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